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ooze resolution CAPS

Ooze Resolution Res Caps were designed to take all the hassle and mess out of cleaning glass pieces. These water pipe end caps are made from super durable and stretchy silicone. This pack includes 4 green end caps, each in a different size. This pack is designed to fit glass water pipes of just about any size. Pour the Ooze Resolution cleaning gel inside the piece, seal off the openings with Res Caps, and shake to efficiently remove all the gunk and resin. The Res Caps can also be used to seal odors inside the bong and prevent spills while not in use, and during transport!

  • RES CAPS | Ooze Resolution Res Caps make cleaning glass bongs and water pipes simple and mess-free. These silicone caps cover the piece’s openings to seal the cleaning solution inside, making it easier than ever to get a fresh, sparkling clean.
  • GREEN | Green Res Caps match the green Ooze Resolution cleaning gel. Go all in on the slime factor with a set of bright green silicone end caps. This stretchy, durable silicone is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.
  • 4 PACK | This pack includes 4 Res Caps in 4 different sizes. This pack can be used with a huge variety of different pieces, and should fit most standard-sized downstems and mouthpieces. The diameters of each measure 14mm, 33mm, 45mm, and 72mm.
  • TRAVEL | Res Caps aren’t just for cleaning! Use them for storage and transport, too. The caps trap water and odors inside, reducing the risk of any spills or stinky smells drawing attention while out and about. Never worry about a bong stinking up your backpack again.

    Assorted color. Black or green