75% Off All Glass Bongs, Rigs and Pipes

our brands

We take pride in our exclusive in-house brands, which encompass TopSchott Glass, Fireworks Glass, and Tony Dabtana. TopSchott features an array of water pipes. Fireworks encompasses water pipes, dab rigs, handpipes, and chillums. Tony Dabtana offers torches, enails, and our TKO product.

our stores

The Bomb Headshop originally debuted in Denver, Colorado, back in 1993. Over the years, our presence has grown to encompass five locations throughout the Denver Metro Area and three additional ones in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. At Bomb, we take pride in presenting the most extensive array of glass products in the Colorado Region. Feel free to visit us and explore our diverse selection to find the perfect new piece of glass – we've got everything you're looking for. Now with our extensive inventory available online for shipping across the country.