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There are three main kinds of vapor pens available, wax, dry herb, and oil vaporizers. The e-liquid vaporizers are where the vaping trend started, and then people began to wonder if using dry herbs in the same manner could improve one's health just as switching from tobacco to ejuice has. The wax and dab pens were what really shook up the industry. Dabbers everywhere enjoyed wax but not the tedious process of heating up the dab nail with an unreliable and quite dangerous torch. Using a dab pen took away those issues and made vaping concentrates more enjoyable. With this pen, dabbing is simply effortless and allows you to enjoy concentrates in a more customized manner. Finally, the herbal vaporizers are relatively popular but not as feature-filled as the other two types. Some companies have made dry herb devices that are worth looking into, but the right style of dry herb model is going to be a portable vaporizer and not a vape pen. Below you will find the three main varieties of vaporizers to consider after thinking about where you'll be vaping.

- Vaporizer pens: A vaporizer that looks like a pen for dry herbs is good for simple to use when you're running low on time. All you have to do in order to turn the vaporizer on is to click the power button five times in rapid succession. Then, simply pop open the mouthpiece and pack in your ground up herbs, or wax typically only about half of the way full in the chamber so that the right amount of airflow can push the vapor through your mouthpiece. These types of vaporizers are great for on the go and can either be used for  wax, dry herb, and oil

- Desktop vaporizers: Though they are pricey, desktop vaporizers are powerful and resilient, often lasting their users for years upon years. They are all temperature controlled and allow you to share the goods with your friends. These style vaporizers often come with a whip or a balloon, whichever you prefer, as both are great. They get their charge from a power outlet as opposed to a battery and are mainly used for dry herbs

- Portable vaporizers: Portable vaporizers vary greatly from one to another, but they all function similarly at their core. Simply turn it on and set the temperature that you prefer. That said, some do not allow temperatures to be controlled, so take that into consideration when choosing your next vaporizer. Just like a vaporizer pen, you'll want to maximize airflow and only pack it about half full as well. A portable vaporizer can make enjoying herbs and waxes as easy as can be. At we carry all of the best portable vaporizers on the market today, and are here to help you choose the best handheld for your needs. Read on to learn what you need to consider when choosing the best portable vape.