Airis MW Original 2in1 MW Pod Vape Pen Kit

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Airis MW is a 2 in 1 vape pen kit for CBD oil and thick oil. It is an pods pen with 350 mAh Battery capacity and comes in multiple colors. Airis MW is 2 in 1 the perfect pocket size Cbd and wax vaporizer pen that guarantees you great performance and allows you to use either concentrated contents or E-liquids. In short, this vape pod is a multi-functional pen that can use the e-liquids or the concentrated ingredients. The best thing about the Airis MW vape pen is that it comes with a unique warranty feature that covers you from damage expenses. This 2 in 1 vaporizer pen comes with a three months warranty for the atomizer and six months battery warranty. Sounds awesome right? It also comes with a plug connection system that makes it easy to use by simply pushing in and out and it is conveniently portable. Specifications ·2 in 1 wax and Cbd vaporizer has 350 mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery – this gives you ample time power to run your session for long hours. This will prevent you from having to charge midday since it will take you all day long with no hustles. ·Double tank– it comes with two separate tanks. One for using the e-liquid and the other for using other dry contents. Each of the tanks has a capacity of 0.8. In case they empty up, cbd vape pens refills can be done for each tank. Refilling is an easy task, since you are just required to remove the tank from the pen, locate the hole and refill your best vaping content inside. Ensure you do not fill it to the brim to avoid spillage.